'The Leave'

 ''Merrily, merrily shall I live now
Under the blossom that hangs
on the bough.

I love the idea of Ariel "nesting"
under  a blossom, so happy and
cosy, it shows so well how very
"human" he is.

Double layered "pāte de verre"

Bullseyes glass. I used shift glasses ,
ich change color depending
on the light.
Rhabarb for the
, Orchid for the violet.

H 11.5cm, W 8.5cm, D 5cm

Jacqueline H. Botquelen


Experimenting with different glass
techniques, I found my call with the
one call "pāte de verre".
Doing so I
went on experimenting farther
work now  with 2 or 3 layered glass



     'The Leave' by Jacqueline H. Botquelen
Photo: Lucy Hunt

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