Eve of  Destruction

Act IV, scene 1

‘The cloud-capped-towers,
the gorgeous palaces,
the solemn temples,
the great globe itself,
yea, all which it inherit,
shall dissolve;
And, like this insubstantial
pageant faded,
leave not a rack behind.’

H 5 cm, W 3.8 cm, D 3.8 cm

Freehand    Lamp-Work

Soda-lime-glass, hand-pulled


Fee Strieffler



Since 1999 Bead-maker

and glass-jewelry-design

Numerous exhibition
participations in Germany,

Belgium, Luembourg

 and some awards.

Motto: Unique pieces for

unique people.



     'Eve of  Destruction ' by Fee Strieffler   Photo: Lucy Hunt

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