Immenhausen Glass Museum


4th September 2010
to  16th January 2011

Daniel Adams  USA
Anja Basan  Germany
Jacqueline H. Botquelen Switzerland
Paddy Bush  UK
Keith Brocklhurst  UK
Lucio Bubacco  Venice
Verity Burley  UK
Sally Carver  UK
Francesca Cerreta  UK
Katharine Coleman  UK
Lauri Copeland USA
Gail Crosman Moore  USA
Elisabeth Debaralle  France
Julie Anne Denton  IOM
Sarah Downton  UK
Diana East  UK
Marta Edocs Hungary
Rachel Elliott UK
Fiaz Elson
Becky Fairclough  UK
Nadine Ficheux  France
Min Fidler  UK
Kristen Frantzen Orr  USA
Donni Hakanson  Australia
Bronwen Heilman  USA
Beverley Hicklin  UK
Lone Holm  Denmark
Pauline Holt  UK
Sarah Hornik  Israel
Delia Höyng  Germany
Max Jacquard  UK
PEtra Janssen  Germany
Angela Jarman  UK
Ingrid Jarvis  UK
Jacqueline Keller  Switzerland
Ema Kelly  UK
Peter Layton  UK
Anne Londez  Switzerland
Nathalie Masse  France/Germany

Lesley Anne McFarland  UK
Anne-Lise Meier Switzerland
Isi Merkel   Germany
Michaela Maria M
öller  Germany
Sophie Mottier Switzerland
Karen Murphy  UK
Nathalie Painchart  France
Sharon Peters  USA

Erna Piechna-Sowersby  Swtitzerland
David Reekie  UK
Colin Reid  UK
Anna Richards  UK
Victoria Scholes  UK
Anita Schwegler-Juen  Switzerland
Elias Schwegler-Juen  Switzerland
Eric Seydoux Nicole Zumkeller Switzerland
Ray Skene  UK
Patrick Stern  UK
JanHein van Stiphout  Netherlands
Fee Strieffler  Germany
Michi Suzuki   Japan/France
Jacky Teuchert-Rimkus  Germany
Angela Thwaites  UK
Nancy Tobey  USA
Claudia Trimbur-Pagel  France/Germany
Heather Trimlett  USA
Josephine Wadman  UK
Kathryn Wardill  Australia
Jeri Warhaftig  USA
John Winter  USA

Manuela Wutschke  Germany

      'The Storm Troubled Sphere' in stained glass by Rachel Elliott            Photo: Lucy Hunt

Now at  Immenhausen Glass Museum


This exciting exhibition was conceived as a showcase for the miniature art form of glass beads to run along side the British Glass Biennale  2008.

Several major internationally renowned glass sculptors were challenged to try their hands at this tiny scale of work along with well known and up and coming glass bead artists who will be presenting their interpretations of Shakespeare’s play 'The Tempest' in the form of one sculptural glass bead each. The small scale of these beautiful little objects belies their complexity and the skill required to produce them but also makes them very approachable and some will be on open display so that their tactile qualities can also be appreciated. They are after all meant to be able to be worn or carried around on the person.

The theme of
‘Tempest’ was chosen to link with other events based on the play at the International Festival of Glass during which the British Glass Biennale and ‘Tempest’ Exhibition was opened, all taking place in Stourbridge, a great historical centre for glass making.

Photographic interpretations of some of the pieces by photographer, Lucy Hunt, will be shown along side the beads.

‘Tempest’ Exhibition aims to draw attention to this delightful form of work and some of the artists who dedicate themselves to it, blurring the boundaries between large and small scale work and challenging preconceived ideas about glass beads by treating them as the highly  sculptural works that they can be.

The form of the glass bead is older than the vessel and just as valid a canvas.  We have ancient glass beads thought to be in excess of four thousand years old. The beads on show here could easily also last that long, never diminishing in their permanent brilliance of colour. The Japanese people have used the ‘ojime’ bead as a tiny art canvas for many centuries. They now make contemporary glass beads which they call ‘Tombo-dama’ which try to encapsulate a sense of the cosmos in each small globe.

This is a non selling exhibition as it will be touring for some time after its opening in Stourbridge, the first confirmed venue being Creative Glass In Zurich. 


     In partnership with

    Glasmuseum Immenhausen

     Creative Glass


     Sponsored by

       TGK GmbH

     Contemporary Glass Society

    Ruskin Glass centre

     Studio 19

    Aura Art Glass

    Hamilton Taylor

    G. T. MORGAN & CO. LTD.




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